Not a recipe – but a way to keep your ingredients fresh, for any recipe!

This post isn’t about a recipe – but, rather, a review of the truly INEXPENSIVE vacuum sealing device that I’m now using!

I purchased the Mueller vacuum sealer from amazon. This vacuum sealer was $49.97, with a $10 coupon. So, $40 for a sealer that works great!! Check it out here: Mueller Vacuum Sealer.

The sealer comes with some bags to start, but I also ordered an additional roll of bags, also from amazon.

This roll, which will last a long time, comes with a cutter – it was priced at $19.99, but I had a $5 coupon, so I got it for $15!! Can’t beat that!

I’ve mostly used it to vacuum seal meats for the freezer (that’s really what I bought it for), as I like to buy the big family packs and separate for individual use.

Today, I needed to separate some ground beef – I used the air tight / moist food setting, for the beef and it worked perfectly. Before sealing, I kind of ‘flattened’ the ground beef (leaving plenty of room for sealing), to allow it to take up less storage space in the freezer.

Don’t forget to label it and it’s ready to go into the freezer! Ive been so pleased with being able to: save $ by buying family packs, keep my food fresher for longer, and keeping my freezer nice and organized!

You can certainly use it for more than meat, and I am sure I will at some point – but, even if you only ever use it for meat – it’s well worth the investment!

If you decide to try this vacuum sealer, let me know – would love your feedback!!


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