Queso Blanco with Green Chilis

It’s not a recipe, I won’t pretend that it is – how could something with 2 ingredients, that you make in the microwave, be a recipe?!

What it IS – is a delicious, savory snack that couldn’t be more simple to make! It could also be a great tailgating appetizer!

It starts with a small block of Velveta Queso Blanco ‘cheese’ (cheese product – don’t judge! I don’t eat it a lot, but occasionally do enjoy this ‘liquid gold’) and a small can of diced green chilis.

Just start by cutting the cheese product into chunks and put in a microwave safe bowl.

Then melt in the microwave, on high, for 5 minutes – I did take it out and stir it a couple times, to keep it from scorching.

Once it is fully melted – just dump in your chilis and stir!

I ate it with corn tortilla chips, but it would be good with veggies as well! I think a tablespoon of milk (or jalapeño juice – yum!) may have been nice and made it a little less thick.

So easy! And, so delicious!!

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