Super Easy Nachos

This ‘recipe’ (if you can call it that) has been around forever. I first remember my grandma making it, when I was a teenager. The cheese ‘dip’ or ‘queso’ consists of 2 things – velveeta cheese and rotel tomatoes and chilis.

Note: this is a 32 oz block, I only used 1/2 of it. If you need more queso – use the whole thing and 2 cans of Rotel.

I wasn’t making this for a big group, so I only used 1/2 of the 32 oz block. I just cut the cheese (we will pretend it is cheese, even though it will presumably survive anything in it’s shelf stable form!) into small cubes.

I just added the cheese to a sauce pan, along when the can of tomatoes and chili’s (don’t drain!). Over medium heat (you don’t want it too hot or it will scorch – be patient, it won’t take long!!), I allowed the cheese to melt. And kept it all stirred together.

Once the cheese was good and melted, I spooked some over some tortilla chips and topped with some jalapeño peppers. You can do it like this, to make nachos (I wanted simple nachos – but you can add other toppings if you want!) or just dip your chips in the queso dip.

** this is far too simple to write up in ‘recipe’ form, so I will use the extra time to go back for seconds!! 😂


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