Bonus Blog Post: Sometimes the best recipe isn’t a recipe at all! Easy breakfast!

Saturday morning, we were trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Usually, that would mean ‘what kind of recipe am I going to try to come up with today?’ Instead, we decided we just wanted some of the things we love – easy peasy – bacon, eggs and biscuits! And, let’s keep it simple – canned biscuits!

I just fried the bacon in a skillet. Side note: this Smithfield thick cut bacon may be some of the best bacon I’ve ever had (and I’m a girl who has sampled some bacon!). So good!!

For my scrambled eggs, I always just add some salt, pepper and a splash of heavy cream. I cooked it in the same pan the bacon was in (I did have to pour off some of the bacon grease though – never fear, I’m saving it for a recipe later!).

Since we were having biscuits, we needed some jams and jellies – this was a nice selection. Spoiler alert, however – only the peach got used. This stuff is so delicious!! It’s made an appearance on several blog posts already

Biscuits hot out of the oven, a little butter added to each – and we were ready to eat! No recipe needed!

A perfect, delicious, simple Saturday morning breakfast!


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