Crockpot Beef and Broccoli

This is not my recipe – I used the recipe linked here. I normally just share my recipes, but this one is so good that I have to share it!

When you have kids that play sports or a job that keeps you late, you sometimes just need easy. Not lots of prep, not a long cooking time – delicious food ready when you get home! That’s where a crockpot comes in handy!!

I love Asian food! This recipe is, now, one of my favorites! It is, truly, better than any broccoli and beef that I’ve gotten in any restaurant.

I made this on a day that my daughter had volleyball. I came home at lunchtime, to finish my work day, and threw everything in the crockpot. And, it was ready when we got home!

All I had to do, was make some rice and top it with the beef and broccoli. I think it is about time I make this one again!


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