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Brunswick Stew

One of my favorite things growing up in South Georgia was Brunswick Stew. Despite that – until this week, I’d never made it. As I normally do when I develop a recipe that is inspired by something I’ve had before, I thought about all… Continue Reading “Brunswick Stew”

How Does One Use Leftover Queso Blanco?

Friday, I made some queso blanco with green chilis – and I had some leftover. I had to decide how I would use the remaining queso (I’ve made it a mission, lately, to try to minimize waste – and, I have done a great… Continue Reading “How Does One Use Leftover Queso Blanco?”

Not a recipe – but a way to keep your ingredients fresh, for any recipe!

This post isn’t about a recipe – but, rather, a review of the truly INEXPENSIVE vacuum sealing device that I’m now using! I purchased the Mueller vacuum sealer from amazon. This vacuum sealer was $49.97, with a $10 coupon. So, $40 for a sealer… Continue Reading “Not a recipe – but a way to keep your ingredients fresh, for any recipe!”

Easy Red Chicken Chili

WHAT?! It is Sunday and I’m not making pasta? What in the world is happening here?? Oh, well… chicken chili it is! This recipe is very easy to throw together and you likely have all of the ingredients on hand. I had 2 chicken… Continue Reading “Easy Red Chicken Chili”

Welcome to Michelle Cooks – I’m happy you’re here!

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman My name is Michelle and I love to cook. I love the process of creating new recipes and just ‘throwing things together’ and hoping for the best. I have some… Continue Reading “Welcome to Michelle Cooks – I’m happy you’re here!”