Category: Chicken Dishes

Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole

I was looking for something easy to make tonight – and I knew I wanted to use chicken. So, I decided to make an easy chicken and rice casserole – that I could just throw together, put in the oven and forget about it… Continue Reading “Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole”

Chicken Taco Soup

We are in the south, so the reality is that it doesn’t really get cold – especially not in October – but, today was definitely a dreary, rainy day with milder temperatures than we’ve been experiencing – the perfect day for chicken taco soup!… Continue Reading “Chicken Taco Soup”

Easy Chicken and Dumplins (that’s right, there is no ‘g’ where I’m from)

One of the South’s most popular comfort foods has got to be chicken and dumplins. At least it has always been one of my favorites. I have been known to, truly, have had a bad day and craved chicken and dumplins as a ‘pick… Continue Reading “Easy Chicken and Dumplins (that’s right, there is no ‘g’ where I’m from)”

Weekday Chicken Pot Pie

As I didn’t make a homemade crust, I guess this is a cheater chicken pot pie – or, I like Weekday Chicken Pot Pie better, since using a prepared pie crust makes it super easy! While I didn’t make a homemade pie crust, I… Continue Reading “Weekday Chicken Pot Pie”

Brunswick Stew

One of my favorite things growing up in South Georgia was Brunswick Stew. Despite that – until this week, I’d never made it. As I normally do when I develop a recipe that is inspired by something I’ve had before, I thought about all… Continue Reading “Brunswick Stew”